Company Introduction



Accompany children growth;

empower parental authority;

fulfill teacher’s develpement.


Happy families;

innovative education;

harmonious mutual relationship.

Kohburg group, a diversified full-services company which has its core technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), Internet technology and big data has been dedicating to education and science technology since 2016. We believe Family, Innovation and Integration as the core spirits of the company. Kohburg is devoted to providing education institutions and families the most trustworthy services, professional advices and a full-functional social media platform in the field of preschool education. Over the past few years of development, the company has cooperated with 16000 educational institutions approximately and has won trust from many families across the country.

Kohburg APP

One-Stop Early Childhood Interactive Platform

  • Kohburg's Choice, Quality Guaranteed.

    Strictly following our unique quality and safety standards, Kohburg’s choice evaluates and chooses premium quality toys and teaching materials that international safety standards.  We strive to create the No.1 cross-border e-commerce platform for early childhood education products and knowledge sharing in China.

  • Exclusive content production

    Kohburg consolidates and upgrades the PGC (professional generated content) to ensure constant content production, and meanwhile create new model of O2O by consolidating technology and resources of the leading platforms. We also work with professional KOL for exclusive IP content.

  • Family Growth, Knowledge Sharing

    Our platform provides professional knowledge covering the five fields of preschool education and STEM, targeting to establish an open and interactive channel for families and educators to communicate and balance the resources of different areas.

  • Innovative MCN platform improves overall customer interaction experience

    Kohburg is one of the most cutting-edge e-commerce and social networking platforms, providing advanced e-commerce experience and a complete solution to companies and individuals based on its core internet technology and solid operating experience of MCN (Multi Channel Network).

Kohburg Education

Kohburg Education, a one-stop solution provider who has accumulated years of experience in the field of product innovation, manufacturing and marketing, has been always committing to provide early childhood education institutes with comprehensive, one-stop services and solutions. We have been working with numerous Chinese well-known early childhood education institutes such as China Welfare Institute Kindergarten, Soong Ching Ling Kindergarten, Etonkids International Kindergarten, Yungwing International Kindergarten.

Children’s safety and product quality is our #1 priority. Kohburg customers will have guarantees from our self-distributed products, which earns international quality/safety certificates. Dozens of brands that we obtained direct dealerships are from Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, as well as well-known domestic suppliers. We possess more than 10000 square meters logistic centers which locates in mainland China, Canada, Germany, USA.

Kohburg education enjoys a worldwide reputation not only by consistently making effort to assist education institutions establishing safe and comfortable environment of learning and development, but also by its determination of constant improvement and strict standards.

Kohburg Media

Being a socially responsible company is one of the corporate values we committed all years. Besides producing premium educational content, supporting outstanding talents and developing cultural & creative products, Kohburg Media also makes effort on diffusing Chinese traditional culture and bringing positive energy to children and the society.

We advocate the spirit of innovation and insist to develop our social platform based on big data technology.

Over the past few years, Kohburg accumulated experience of organizing social welfare activities, international intercultural communication events, domestic and international academic seminars and a large variety of competitions, and at the same time obtained a sound knowledge in the field of brand management, public relationship and KOL (key opinion leaders) operation. Kohburg education is confident to provide holistic services, including communication, learning resources, product experience, and interaction to all the users such as families, institutions, educators and specialists, co-brands, and outstanding talents.

Kohburg (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.



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